Cardiac Rehabilitation DVD


Cardiac Rehabilitation DVD – ‘What is wrong with my heart ? ’

Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) has been shown to improve long term cardiovascular outcomes,yet is only attended by about 30% of suitable candidates.We aimed to improve access to the Cardiac Rehabilitation programme at our hospital (Ashford Private Hospital) by designing a DVD to incorporate the messages that we felt were important from our programme.

We enlisted a professional production team to work with us to design and implement a DVD style format to incorporate the major elements of our CR programme.The DVD is formatted in a question/answer style and includes patient vignettes of common scenarios,along with interviews with experts in the fields of cardiac surgery,cardiology,pharmacy,physiotherapy,nursing,and dietetics. The project was primarily directed at patients coming through our hospital CR programme,and their families,friends,and carers.However the information is generally relevant to all those with a cardiovascular problem and those interested in preventing such a problem.

So far we have had positive feedback from professionals in the CR field along with CR patients .

We plan to obtain feedback from independent reviewers to provide a market-based CR programme that will aid many CR programmes around the country,in particular in remote and rural areas that have limited resources and access to a range of allied health professionals.

We received funding from an independent grant from Merck,along with assistance from Ashford Private Hospital,and SA Heart.



-multidisciplinary health care production from the team at Ashford Hospital

-interviews with health professionals and patients with a variety of heart conditions -detailed sections on diet and medication in a 2 disc set with chapters for easy access

-section on cardiac risk factors including blood pressure and cholesterol

-peer reviewed to ensure quality

-practical information on prevention and treatment of common heart conditions and treatments


-cardiac rehab in the home at a time and place to suit you

-able to go back over areas that need extra knowledge or attention

-family and friends can understand

-watch at your own pace

-easy reference for future use

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Can purchase 12 month subscription to view online at

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